Monday, November 10, 2008

Male Modeling Opportunities

On the Ford Modeling and Talent Agency Site a young man asked why is it so difficult to get noticed as a male model? Below is my response.

Whenever you have a large pool of aspiring candidates and a limited number of positions it's going to be extremely competitive.

You may want to look at the various type of modeling that you may be able to do. For instance, print, commercial, runway, athletic and promotional modeling etc. are just a few of the different types of modeling that exist. Consider modeling for a local or regional business who may not be able to hire a Ford Modeling Agency. In this way you may begin to build your portfolio while generating income.

Perhaps this will compensate you until such time you secure a larger more lucrative modeling contract. For information on the Modeling Industry: Secrets Revealed Site.

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Mary Stratton said...

Hiring male models is great way to enhance the level of excitement at any corporate events. Most of men want to be a great model and need opportunities for becoming an ideal model.

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